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We are a boutique family law firm in Burlington, Ontario. Our firm focuses on resolving issues such as custody, access, support, division, adoptions, child protection and property matters.


Ann Stoner has practiced exclusively in family law for over 15 years. This focus allows Ann and her team to more thoroughly understand and manage the complex and evolving issues related to all aspects relating to family law, including divorce, separation, child custody, access, spousal support, child support and property matters, and achieve the best possible results for their clients.

Divorce and separation can be a difficult time for everyone involved. It is important to make sure that all of your rights are protected


Stoner & Company helps clients resolve all separation and divorce matters, including both married and common law relationships. The firm also helps people entering marriage or common law relationships by negotiating and drafting marriage and cohabitation agreements

Ann Stoner, Lawyer

Ann graduated from the University of Toronto Law School in 1992.

Rachael Pulis, Lawyer

Rachael obtained her Bachelor of Laws degree from The University of Windsor Law School.

Elliot Vine, Lawyer

Elliot graduated from Queen’s University Law School in 2012.

Dorothy Kosinska, Lawyer

Dorothy obtained her Juris Doctor degree at the University of Windsor..

Lauren Wilson, Lawyer

Lauren graduated from Queen’s University Faculty of Law in 2016.

Katherine Sheehan, Law Clerk

Katherine graduated from the Law Clerk Program at Niagara College in 1990.

Jennifer Morgan, Law Clerk

Jennifer graduated from the Law Clerk program at Centennial College in 2010.


Most clients have a lot of questions as they begin the divorce or separation process. Our lawyers will endeavor to answer as many questions as possible during the initial consultation meeting.

Following is an overview of the resolution process. Whether helping you to resolve outstanding issues through negotiation of a Separation Agreement, Cohabitation/Marriage Contract, or litigation the process is similar.

Your initial consultation meeting with one of our lawyers.


You retain the firm.


The firm conducts a review and analysis, together with you, of your case, including financial disclosure, key issues, gathering of relevant documents and other information necessary to help> resolve your outstanding issues.


If necessary, the firm will engage experts to conduct such things as pension valuations, custody and access assessments, and business and income valuations.


The firm will attempt to negotiate an out of court resolution, through negotiation, mediation and/or arbitration:


Negotiation involves lawyers attempting to negotiate the settlement of any or all of the issues in a case. If the parties are able to resolve all of the issues, they will incorporate the terms of settlement into a Separation Agreement or Minutes of Settlement.


Mediation can be used if both parties agree to be part of the process. Mediators are usually senior family law practitioners who are lawyers, social workers, psychologists, and retired Judges.


Arbitration also requires consent from both parties, and are conducted by senior family law counsel or retired family law Judges.


If an out of court settlement can be reached, a written separation agreement will be prepared, approved and executed.


If an out of court settlement cannot be reached, an application to Court will be drafted on your behalf, or the firm will respond to your spouse’s application.


If litigation is commenced, our lawyers will prepare for and attend with you up to three mandatory conferences, with a Judge, your spouse and his or her lawyer present.


Again is litigation is commenced, our lawyers will prepare for and attend motion hearings if required.


Preparation for and attendance at questioning or examinations.


Preparation for and attendance at Trial.


Throughout the litigation process, the firm will continue to attempt to negotiate an out of court settlement.


There are many issues that need to be considered when considering a divorce and separation. Here are some of the key issues that the firm will address on your behalf:

Helpful Info

These links provide a host of valuable information to help parents and children coping with divorce and separation.

Ministry of the Attorney General
This site from the Ministry of the Attorney General will answer many questions you have regarding divorce, and also includes helpful advice for parents and children.

Department of Justice
From the Department of Justice, The Supporting Families Experiencing Separation and Divorce Initiative has more information and helpful advice for families.

Traveling with children
When travelling abroad with children, keep this important advice in mind to ensure a safe and successful trip.


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